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Dear Gramps,

I appreciate your time and talent in answering questions. I know not all questions are easy to answer but the Lord blessed you with wisdom and patience to do some researches for the benefit of enlightening our minds. May God continue to bless you Gramps.

Just recently a friend of mine asked some advice on what she should do concerning her problems. She’s been inactive in the Mormon Church for many years until last year, when her non-Mormon husband died, she went back to church and has been given a calling. During the time she was recovering from the loss, she relied for comfort on a close friend (a ward Relief Society president—let me call my friend Sister A and her friend Sister B). Sister A’s husband was a businessman and had a decent amount of money in the bank left to her. Her in-laws accused her of having to do with her husband’s death and that they don’t want to give her a single cent (not even his business) . The sister she trusted protected her at first, helping her with all the business and financial transactions and even letting her stay over her place because the in-laws threatened to kill her. Sister A has trusted Sister B so much. The problem began when Sister B borrowed a huge amount of money from her and wouldn’t repay. Sister B, whom she gave authorization to collect, never remitted the money she has been collecting which is now amounting to almost a million.

Upon learning this, Sister A confronted Sister B but she would just remind her of all the emotional support she had extended when Sister A needed her. Sister B then went to the in-laws and told them a different story: that Sister A is indeed involved with the killing of her husband.  Sister B even told them she would help them find her. Sister A is worried about her and her children’s safety so they have to hide from one place to another. Sister B has committed many other offenses not only to Sister A but to some other members in the Stake involving money and gossip which led to their inactivity. Knowing Sister A, I believe she is not capable of killing her husband.

Sister A is asking our help by reporting this to the Stake President (she lives in a faraway city right now). My question is: if we have this kind of offense toward our neighbor, is it a ground for ex-communication? Considering Sister B holds an important job in the Church, can the leaders subject Sister B to disciplinary actions?





Dear Anonymous,

You’re asking these questions to the wrong person. Matters like these properly fall in the hands of the bishop. He should be advised of any details, and all the parties involved should seek to him for advice and counsel. It would be inappropriate for anyone else to attempt to hold judgment, and especially for a person not intimately acquainted with all the details to try to give any advice.




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