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We take the sacrament every Sunday. But if we have the priesthood (worthy holders) in our home, can we have the Sacrament as a family group as we meet and discuss scriptures? Sometimes that’s twice a week. Is there a rule prohibiting that? If so, can you quote it for me?  Thank you so much for your help.





Dear Jon,

The sacrament is authorized under the keys held by the bishop. A priesthood holder in a home does not have those keys.

Per Handbook 2:

“Performance of a saving ordinance requires authorization from a priesthood leader who holds the appropriate keys or who functions under the direction of a person who holds those keys. Such authorization is also required for naming and blessing a child, dedicating a grave, giving a patriarchal blessing, and preparing, blessing, and passing the sacrament. Melchizedek Priesthood holders may consecrate oil, administer to the sick, give father’s blessings, and give other blessings of comfort and counsel without first seeking authorization from a priesthood leader.”

As to how often the sacrament is to be performed, the current standard given by the church is weekly during sacrament meeting. Any exceptions to this would need to be authorized by the one holding the appropriate keys.

It might also be important to note the command we have to meet together oft (3 Nephi 18:22), and that there may be an important aspect of the sacrament ordinance related to this. This community nature of the sacrament is likely an important part of our worship, which would explain why our services are organized the way they are pertaining to this matter.





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