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I have Celiac disease and cannot eat regular Sacrament bread. At my ward I place my cracker in a pill bag and place on the appropriate tray prior to the Sacrament. Unaware to me, at my son’s ward they have a special tray for the Celiacs. I placed my bag in the tray indicating where I was sitting. When the Sacrament was passed, my  bag was switched to the Celiacs tray, crushed, and dumped in the tray I did not know what to do, so I ate the crumbs. Why does the Church not have a standard procedure for those who are Celiac?





Dear Bill,

Sorry to hear that you have this thorn to bear in this life.  I imagine it can be difficult in other areas besides Sacrament as well.

I think church leaders, even at ward levels, do what they can to accommodate people.  This can be challenging, as there are so many different trials in this life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Some people have difficulty with scents/smells of perfumes.  It seems reasonable to ask other members of the ward not to wear perfume or cologne, but what about the scents in our shampoos, deodorants, and laundry detergents? Others have physical aliments that make it difficult to sit for three hours. In the realm of emotional/spiritual, can you imagine how a child with an abusive father feels when the Primary sings “I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home”.  The list could be endless.

In addition, I think the reason there is not a general policy for dealing with this is because the Lord knows we grow more from trying to solve our own issues (such as how to help people with celiac disease with the Sacrament). Each challenge or problem is an opportunity for growth–both for the leaders, and the members.

I don’t mean to minimize anyone’s pain; I just want to illustrate why we can’t reasonably expect the Church to accommodate every issue a member has.  In your situation with celiac, they are making an effort, how wonderful that they are aware and striving to assist.  Might I suggest that in the future, when you visit other wards, you make a brief inquiry before the meeting about how the Sacrament for Celiacs is dealt with.  That could help you avoid further issues.






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