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Dear Gramps,

I would appreciate some help on the scripture found in D&C 6:16 if you can. We were discussing this in seminary and I always interpreted it to mean that Satan cannot read your thoughts. I received some “opposing” interpretations and I was wondering if you could shed some light on this subject if possible. Thank you so much,





Dear Mary,

D&C 6:16 speaks for itself. Since is says that there is none else but God that knoweth thy thoughts, that statement certainly does not exclude Satan.

Here is a paragraph from the Key To Treasures of Knowledge, published in the LDS Church News, 1991, 10/12/91, that bears on the subject.

“Elder Gibbons said that while Satan can convey thoughts, ‘he does not know whether these thoughts have taken root unless they are reflected either in our words or our actions. . . We should also be wise in the way we guard precious things that are revealed to us by the Spirit. Often we talk too much. We say things that need not be said, or should not be said; for in saying them, we may open a crevice which enables Lucifer to wedge his way into our lives. Wisdom suggests, therefore, that we suppress words and actions which might enable Satan to harm us, or whose tendency might be to create discord and enmity.”

This clearly demonstrates that Satan must hear what we say, or deduce our thoughts from our actions, rather that perceive the thoughts themselves.






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