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Would the demands of justice still be satisfied if Jesus went to a world other than this one?






The easy answer to this question would be “yes” the demands of justice would easily be satisfied if our Savior went to a world other than this one. The demands of justice as satisfied by Christ would be upon any village, city, state, country, nation, and “earth” that our Savior would have stewardship over. The demands of justice are not inhibited by our earthly place of dwelling. We understand also that our Savior was not only the creator of this earth, but many other worlds, “Whenever I come to this great city of Jerusalem, I feel a renewed reverence for Him who made this land holy. Under the direction of the Father, Jesus the Christ was Creator of this and other worlds. He was Jehovah, God of the Old Testament. Jesus was the promised Immanuel, as prophesied by Isaiah.” (Jesus Is the Living Christ, Our Lord and Savior)

In our student manuals pertaining to Christ we can read the following quotes:

“The infinite Atonement affects worlds without number and will save all of God’s children except sons of perdition” (see Alma 34:9–10, 12D&C 76:22–24,40–43). (Source)

“From this [Moses 1:30–33, 35, 38–39] and other scriptures learn that, representing the Father and serving his purpose ‘to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man,’ Jesus Christ, in the sense of being its Creator and Redeemer, is the Lord of the whole universe.  Except for his mortal ministry accomplished on this earth, his service and relationship to other worlds and their inhabitants are the same as his service and relationship to this earth and its inhabitants.”  (Marion G. Romney, “Jesus Christ, Lord of the Universe,” Improvement Era, Nov. 1968, 46).” (Source)

“Now our Lord’s jurisdiction and power extend far beyond the limits of this one small earth on which we dwell. He is, under the Father, the Creator of worlds without number. (Moses 1:33) And through the power of his atonement the inhabitants of these worlds, the revelation says, ‘are begotten sons and daughters unto God’ (D&C 76:24), which means that the atonement of Christ, being literally and truly infinite, applies to an infinite number of earth.”  (Source)

It appears from our current teaching that the demands of justice are fulfilled through an infinite and eternal sacrifice as provided by our Savior.






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