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I haven’t been a member all my life. However, when people hear that I’m Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, they always have something negative to say about the Church. One time, a good friend of mine told me that Mormons don’t believe in donating blood to those who may need it. This sounds like a dumb question. But I want to know if this is correct. I haven’t read anything on this subject, but I was just wondering.

Wondering Girl




Dear Wondering,

There is no truth in that barb whatsoever. We are frequently asked to participate in blood drives. In fact, many wards and stakes hold annual blood drives. I have given over a gallon myself.

The Church is aware that the donation of blood can save many lives.  They also realize that many surgical procedures requiring the replacement of blood is crucial to the life of that individual.

The Church leaves the decision of donating blood to the individual.

The best thing to do is to not give any credence to any such bizarre claims by those who do not belong to the Mormon Church. They’re often given just to bait the individual. You can dismiss them out of hand, but be careful not to alienate the friend who proposes them.You might want to reply, “If you’d really like to know what we believe, come over to my place and we’ll invite the Mormon missionaries over to answer your questions.”





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