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Dear Gramps,

I believe in the head covering for women as the Amish and Mennonite practice. What does the Mormon Church say about this issue?





Dear Caroline,

Should any woman choose to adopt this practice as a way of showing humility and reverence to the Lord, we commend her choice. As you know, it was the practice in New Testament times for women to have their heads covered in places of worship. It was also forbidden them to speak in such places. The Church believes that these particular practices were customs of the times, and were not intrinsic to proper worship procedures. This is reflected in the General Handbook, section 38.8.14 Dress and Appearance – the closest official guidance I could find.

However, as an act of reverence, both men and women keep their heads covered during certain ceremonies in the holy temples of the Church. These temples are the very most sacred places of worship in the Church. In addition, patrons to the temples dress in white clothing, representing purity, and when it is necessary to converse, they speak in quiet, reverential tones.

Outside the temple, head covering choices are left for the individual to decide based on culture, personal preference, and Church teachings about modesty. As an example, I have often noticed in photos of visits by Church leaders to some places in Africa, women wearing colorful scarves wrapped over their hair, suggesting that this cultural practice is continued by women in the Church there.







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