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Do we have all the translations from the Book of Mormon or is there some missing or info we don’t have?






I am not sure what you meant by translation, but it is very clear from the records that there are some parts of the Book of Mormon that we do not have.

First is the 116 pages lost by Martin Harris.  D&C Section 3 is the Lord’s warning and rebuke to Joseph Smith and Martin Harris for the loss.  D&C Section 10 is the Lord’s instruction to Joseph Smith on how to recover from the loss.  It also shows the foresight of the Lord in preparing a way to overcome the problem.  It is possible that these lost 116 pages may one day be recovered but the Lord has already covered it, so it is not really necessary.

Next is the simple fact that the Golden Plates which Joseph Smith was given to translate had a sealed section.  Joseph was instructed to only translate the unsealed portion.  The sealed portion we do not have.  The Lord reserved this part to come forth at a later date.  It is missing in the sense that we are waiting for this later date to arrive.






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