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I am 80 and have no living son or husband.  I paid tithing for years when I worked and raised two families.  I now am totally alone and live on a very small pension (200.00) and a small social security. My bishop and stake president say I am not expected to pay full tithe since I already have  I need to know that this is acceptable.  I live in government assisted housing and have no savings for medical expenses.





Dear Sister Barbara,

Before I give you my short answer, let me direct your attention to a couple of previous answers to questions that are much more in-depth on this subject:

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Your bishop is the common judge in Israel and is responsible for the temporal welfare of the Saints in his ward, with special attention to the widows. Your stake president oversees the spiritual well-being of the entire stake, with special attention to widows. These men hold the keys for making such determinations, both temporally and spiritually. Both have told you that you do not need to tithe your pension, having paid tithing on your pension withholdings throughout your life. This effectively constitutes the word of God to you on the subject.

Do you still feel you need more of a witness? Then my advice to you, dear sister, is to bring the matter before God and ask for a confirming witness of what your leaders have told you. What greater witness can you have than from God? (D&C 6:23)






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