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Dear Gramps.

You state you believe in UFO`s. I don’t (not yet anyway) but I respect you anyway. I can assume you also believe in aliens. Do you believe that they look like us (God created us in his image) or like E.T.?





Dear Rene,

Although I have never seen a UFO, I have talked with people who have seen them. UFO reports are too many and too uniform to discount the phenomena.

Does Gramps believe in aliens? Most certainly!! However, that belief comes from the scriptures, merely confirmed by the observable phenomena. Incidentally, one of the articles that you will bring up in the UFO search addresses that specific subject.

Do the aliens look like us? Which one of us? The variations in appearance among the inhabitants, past and present, of this sphere are marked and many. Perhaps a more cogent question would be, do all the people that we see around us come from the same planet? I would imagine that those from other planets may have characteristic differences from all others, depending on their physical environment and their particular history. But all the children of God will have the general form of their Father in Heaven.







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