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Dear Gramps,
I am wondering if you have any suggestions to help rekindle the fire of the high priests in the Ward?
Mike, from: Hilo, Hawaii

Dear Mike,
Perhaps a couple of things to consider—
1) You can’t teach old high priests anything. They already think they know it all.
2) Most of the high priests have been around the block a few times. It’s hard to get people excited about jumping through the same hoops time after time.
3) Most high priests have learned that the Mormon Church is not really that much of a volunteer church. The concept of authority flowing down from the top is rather deeply ingrained. So it’s probably wise not to ask for volunteers but to just make assignments.
4) After a life of service most high priests have a great respect for priesthood authority and tend to respond well when they are called by those in authority to positions of service.
Aaaah– that’s the key. Organize meaningful quorum programs and activities. Issue a calling to the various high priests to accept a given call. When doing so,
a) clearly outline the expectations of the position;
b) follow up by reminding them of what they are expected to do.
c) Require accountability. Set up appointments for each one to report on the progress or fulfilment of his activities. If they have not been completed, the process repeats itself–make the assignment specific and clear; follow-up to get a commitment of fulfilment; require a reporting of progress or completion.
What meaningful activities could the high priests be involved in?
1. Home teaching. Home teaching is a tremendously important assignment. After making sure that the person knows that the calling to be home teacher is a priesthood function that comes directly from the Lord Himself, get a commitment from the home teacher to visit his families in the FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH–not the second week, or any time thereafter–THE FIRST WEEK!! The assignment IS IMPORTANT! Make it so!
2. Organize and call specific high priests and their wives to attend proxy sealing sessions in the temple once a month. I would suggest defining a given night of the week and call four couples to fulfill the temple sealing assignment, say, on the first Tuesday of every month. Assign another four couples the second Tuesday, another four the third Tuesday and another four the fourth Tuesday. Now find someone who can be trusted to faithfully fulfil a calling, and give him the assignment to contact each of the couples to verify that they will fulfil their assignment. There will be times when conflicts occur, and a given couple may not be able to go. The contact person now has the responsibility of finding another couple who can take their place on that night, so that four couples will attend the temple on each Tuesday night, without fail. Can you imagine how the spirituality of the Ward will be effected if sixteen couples regularly attend the temple each month??

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