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Quite often I have dreams of flying. I believe in dreams. Sadly, a number of church leaders do not put much stock in dreams. I can name Bishops and Stake Presidents that have scoffed about dreams. So, probably the most recurring dreams that I have are all about flying. What is the significance of flying dreams?






As I don’t know all the details and conversations you have had with some bishops and some stake presidents I can only answer according to the the little information in your question. If we first review scripture we know “dreams” have been an avenue the Lord has used to teach, instruct, and warn his children. Now, the bishops and stake presidents I have had opportunity to speak with recognize this truth. They recognize the Lord has and the Lord does use this avenue as a method of communication to his children. So, my experience would say that “a number of church leaders” do place enough stock in dreams that are from the Lord, because I know they do.

Now, as a caveat though, I know (including myself) many others that recognize not “all” dreams are from the Lord, and I would assume the majority of leaders do not put much stock in random dreams, which do not provide any instruction from the Lord. They are simply a result of our genetic makeup and how our body rests at night. Now, as one who is typically a super hero in my dreams, flying is often part of my dreams. This could be a result of just watching a Marvel or DC movie. What we watch affects our mind, which ultimately affects our dream state. I, honestly, do not put much stock in flying dreams, unless the dream appears to have had more meaning and then if so I ask God for interpretation.

On my mission, I was taught that if a dream has been provided by God, and as one who has the gift of the Holy Ghost, I can then kneel and ask God for an interpretation and an interpretation will be given if indeed the dream was from God. One day, early in my marriage I had a dream that piqued my spirit. Not knowing if it was from God or not, I did what I was taught because this dream appeared to be out of the ordinary dreams I have had (i.e. flying dreams). I knelt down and asked God for an interpretation, and one by one the Spirit of the Lord interpreted the whole dream for me. I could see the first segment and an interpretation was granted. I then could see the second segment and once again interpretation was given. This happened all the way through my dream.

I have had other dreams where interpretation was not necessary as the dream was clearly from the Lord, and I could recognize exactly what was being taught. If I were to put myself in your place with my experience with bishops and stake presidents is that they don’t put much stock in dreams that mean nothing.

Now, in saying this I had a friend who was really big in trying to put meaning to all our dreams. He read once where the psychology book specified that if we are having a dream where our teeth are falling out it is because we are experiencing much stress in life. If you do a quick research on Google for flying dreams one clinical psychologist specifies that flying dreams represent our desire for freedom and to be freed from the pressures of this world. That is an interesting idea; however, my experience with flying dreams is simply a result of watching a hero movie, or my personal desire to be the hero myself.

I, personally, put stock in the dreams that are from the Lord, probably like the bishops and stake presidents you have communicated with. I don’t put much stock in our daily random dreams that are simply a part of the human experience.






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