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Dear Gramps,

I have always had this question. But nobody has been able to help me with it.  Why cant we drink alcohol?





Dear Ava,

Heavenly Father loves His children and often the commandments He gives us are to protect us from harm.  That certainly seems to be the case with alcohol. Yes, some people partake with no noticeable ill effects. Too often that is not the case, however. Alcohol can cause liver disease ending in death.  It is also addictive, and the addiction has caused people to fail classes, drop out of school or lose their jobs.

It is not only the drinker who is affected. Divorce may come because of alcoholism and the problems it causes, which hurts the drinker and their spouse. Alcoholism destroys families and sometimes causes or worsens abuse.  That’s why organizations like Al-anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics exist.  The tendency toward alcoholism is passed the next generation. Adult children of alcoholics tend to become alcoholics or marry alcoholics.

The damage is not limited to the drinker and his or her family either. Many accidents, often fatal have been caused by drunk drivers.  Drinking not only slows reflexes and response time, but it impairs ones ability to discern if they are sober enough to drive.  Finally, many men are in prison because of crimes they committed while they were drunk.

There is not only the physical aspects of the harm alcohol can do but it can also cut the spiritual lines of communication which can be far more important than the physical.

I love the quote by President Boyd K. Packer regarding the promises made to us if we follow this counsel:

“I found in the Word of Wisdom a principle with a promise. The principle: Care for your body; avoid habit-forming stimulants, tea, coffee, tobacco, liquor, and drugs (see D&C 89:3–9). Such addictive things do little more than relieve a craving which they caused in the first place. The promise: Those who obey will receive better health (see D&C 89:18) and “great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures”

So you see, Ava, by asking us not to drink alcohol, Heavenly Father is sparing us a whole lot of pain and sorrow, for ourselves and others.






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