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Message: HI, Gramps,
I have a question.  Does the member of the church has the authority to expel me of the church?  While the bishop did not expel me and treated me well.  Do all men have the autority to expel the member even he is not the bishop?  I feel so confused about these facts. For I have thought that the bishop has the autorithy to expel me but a member of the church did  not have the autorithy.  I seeem so confused about it.  I will be thankful for this.  Maybe all what I need is to ignore and forgive this member of the church while he is not the bishop.  I will be thankful to hear your advice, and thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Confused,



Dear Mel,

In order to answer this question correctly I would need to know if you are a member and if you are, what priesthood office you hold.  Also why this individual feels you should not attend.

Everyone is welcome to attend Church services in our Church.  Even members who have been disfellowshipped or excommunicated by a Bishop’s council or Stake President’s council are encouraged to attend services providing that they are not disruptive.  It is an important step in their repentance process.

Assuming that the above does not apply to you, you would be welcome to attend Church.  I would visit with the Bishop, explaining to him what has happened, and I am sure he will welcome you.

Individuals cannot keep anyone from attending meetings, only proper Priesthood councils.


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