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Dear Gramps,

I’m trying to understand Satan’s role in all of Heavenly Father’s creations. I have come to understand that Satan was banned to this earth only and that is why the Savior came to this earth, as it would be the only world that would crucify their Savior, because of the adversary’s influence. It appears that all of God’s other worlds do not have a “Satan” to tempt them. This doesn’t seem fair (although I’m not questioning Heavenly Father, but trying to understand) to us on this world, as we are tempted far greater than those living on other worlds. Please help me understand. Thank You





Dear Mark,

We understand from the scriptures that there is an opposition in ALL THINGS–not just all things on this earth. This is indeed the most wicked world in the universe. The Lord, in speaking to Enoch, said—

Wherefore, I can stretch forth mine hands and hold all the creations which I have made; and mine eye can pierce them also, and among all the workmanship of mine hands there has not been so great wickedness as among thy brethren. (Moses 7:36)

However, the judgment that “we are tempted far greater than those living on other worlds” seems to be an unsupported judgment. We simply have no information on the degree of temptation on any other globe. However, we do know that one third part of the hosts of heaven were cast out with Satan when he was banished by the Father and cast down to hell, and I imagine that Satan has organized his forces and is opposing the work of the Lord throughout all creation.

Perhaps your real question is, “Why was I born on the most wicked of all the worlds? It doesn’t seem fair?” What would be fair to you? To live amid sweetness and light and let other people live on this wicked earth? As you have indicated above, the Savior of mankind came to this earth to work out the great atonement. What greater privilege could there be than to have lived in mortality on the very same earth on which the Savior lived in mortality. How would you like to have lived on some world where God’s servants would try to make you believe that on some other world in the far reaches of space there would be a Savior born who would suffer to pay the price for your sins, and you must believe in Him in order to be saved?

Since there is an opposition in all things, and the most evil spirits that follow Satan inhabit this earth, do you not think it logical that, in order to offset that wickedness, the most righteous spirits who follow the Lord would also live here? We also learn from the scriptures that Satan has no power, only as we permit him.

And because of the righteousness of his people, Satan has no power; wherefore, he cannot be loosed for the space of many years; for he hath no power over the hearts of the people, for they dwell in righteousness, and the Holy One of Israel reigneth. (1 Nephi 22:26)

In the words of Elder Richard G. Scott, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles—

“I testify that neither Satan nor any other power can weaken or destroy your growing character. Only you could do that through disobedience” (Elder Richard G. Scott, Ensign, May 2003, p.75)

So I think that, if the truth were known, it is quite possible that those who are privileged to live on this may earth be the envy of all of creation.






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