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Hello Gramps,

We are taught that as we live worthily we can live together as families in the Eternities. Obviously that cannot mean my little (nuclear) family as then I would not be with my parents nor my children with their children and so on. I have considered that perhaps we will reside primarily as couples with access to and association with those we have most closely loved as family on Earth. Otherwise it’d have to be a pretty big mansion! I’m interested in your thoughts on this matter. Thank you.


Dear Maureen,

I find myself in agreement with your general statement. Here is why. While it might be common to think that ones kids will always be little, but the plain truth is that they grow up. Our stewardship over our kids changes over time. It starts off with us being totally responsible for everything they do and need. But the stewardship changes based on what our children need. It changes to us teaching them to take responsibility for themselves, then again, hopefully if everything goes well, to stepping back and watching and being there with words of advice if asked. They grow up so fast. Most likely the bulk of this lifetime will be spent interacting with our kids as adults with them having their own lives and interests. I see no reason for this adult level interaction to change in the Eternities.

mormon-familyI do not know all the reasons why a particular child is sent to a particular couple, but I am sure there are many factors that are considered. I do know that God is a God of order and that Heaven will be well organized. The sealing of parents to children end up being set up will be part of this order. Therefore I think that the fundamental unit of Heaven will be the couple, and the couples will be linked to others by the child to parent sealing.

Of course this is just what I think it will be.


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