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Dear Gramps,

How would so many spirits (the 1/3 part) who were cast out and followed Lucifer so willing to walk out of the Pre-mortal life knowing they were giving up their eternal salvation





Dear Sugar,

It is extremely difficult for one to understand how anyone could accept Lucifer’s plan and become one of his followers. When we know what happened in the great Council in the pre-existence, it may become easier to understand though still difficult to accept. In the Great Council the Father presented His plan to each of His spiritual children. His plan called for one of His spirit children to be chosen as our Redeemer and work out the infinite and eternal atonement for all mankind. Two answered the call. Jehovah accepted the role of Redeemer and the will of the Father. Lucifer also accepted this role, but he wanted to change the Father’s plan and receive the honor. In order to do this he wanted to take away the agency of man so “that one soul shall not be lost”.

There has always been those that want to take the “easy” way out. To them, Lucifer’s plan assured them of not being “lost”. This was the easy and sure way. They didn’t understand the Father’s plan and were undoubtedly misled by Lucifer into believing they could have “their cake and eat it too”. When we consider the countless people who today are unwilling to accept the Lord’s plan, even when it has been explained to them, and prove themselves worthy of exaltation, it is easier to understand what happened in the pre-existence. Keep in mind that these very same people accepted the Father’s plan in the pre-existence and choose to come to this earth to prove themselves.

Men have always been blinded by the craftiness of men and Satan is their ultimate teacher. Think of the number of people who have accepted rulers, dictators and others because of their smooth talk and their promises to give them all that they want. How many did Hitler lead astray?

Enoch was told by the Lord to cry repentance to his people as recorded in Moses 6:27.

”Repent, for thus saith the Lord: I am angry with this people, and my fierce anger is kindled against them; for their hearts have waxed hard, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes cannot see afar off”.

This describes many living on the earth today as well as those in the pre-existence who choose to follow Lucifer because they hardened their hearts, their ears are dull of hearing and they can’t see the whole picture.






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