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Hi Gramps,

With the current election coming up, I’ve delved deep into both main sides of the political sphere (Or ‘curves’ I suppose) and find both rather upsetting to my religious persuasions. The church is neutral on politics, but if I go to the Lord with a proposal over politics, can I really expect Him to reply at all? And if He did, if I got an answer as to who I should vote for, wouldn’t that imply He has taken a side, or at least, deems one better?





Hello Avery,

Lets walk through this.  The Lord said ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened.  You absolutely can expect the Lord to answer your faithful and diligent prayer.

For revelation and guidance we are taught to prayerfully study, to ponder, to make a choice, then to take that choice to the Lord for approval.  This is a simple pattern that respects agency, work, and faith.  It is not limited in subject matter, but to any and all choices we must make. We can a pray and we can get answers.

That leads to something else we must remember.  The Lord works by small and simple things.  That holds true here.  Having given us an answer he has illuminated our next step, he has not lit up the entire path.  He has not revealed the mysteries of heaven or revealed the secret hearts of men.  Or to use your concerns, he has not endorsed a side, party,  issue, or candidate.  He has simply approved you taking that next step.

In the wisdom of the Lord there can be many reasons for such an approval. Often the path the Lord would have us walk is not one we understand until afterwards.  However much too often we presume much much more to that approval then is warranted.  We might presume that what is right for us is right for everyone.  Or we might presume we know where the Lord is leading and rush to the end. Or we might presume other things.  No matter what the presumption is, it is an expression or pride and arrogance rather then faith and humility.  We need to avoid this or we sin.

So ponder, pray, seek guidance, act on that guidance and the Lord will support you and light your path ahead.






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