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Dear Gramps,

I have a son (in his early 20’s) who has a problem with pornography. I was wondering if you had some advice on what kind of help we could get him and how to go about having him accept the help. As far as I know he only has the problem when it comes to the internet but if it is not available there then he might go elsewhere to find it. Thank you for your time.





Dear Rhonda,

Your son is now an adult and is making his own decisions. Unfortunately, most young adults have a very difficult time accepting advice from their parents. Perhaps there are a couple of things that could be done. One, your son must understand that you love him and have his best interests at heart. He also needs to know that in your home your rules apply. Pornography is such a vicious evil that the habit of indulging is extremely difficult to break. However, you could let him know that in your home such filth will not be tolerated. It would be better to terminate internet service than to have the temptation at hand. That may represent a sacrifice on the part of other family members, but your son would understand your seriousness in not permitting such evil in your home. Beyond that, he will have to want to change before much good can be accomplished. That is where the establishment of your love for him comes in. If he does express a desire to get over this filthy habit, then you may find ways to give him assistance and encouragement.






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