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Hi gramps,
My step-daughter has grown away from the Mormon Church, she is dating a young man with whom she can see being married too. ( He was a Mormon is now a Catholic) They have decided to move in together to see how it works out and then get married. I’ve explained till I’m blue in the face, so here is where I need your help. Doctrinally and scripturally, what are the fallacies of doing this– The Church’s stand and how I can help her to understand that this is a wrong? I would really appreciate your help. My words sure are not getting through.
Robert, from Temecula, California

Dear Robert,
Little wonder that your words are not getting through! As your step-daughter is an ex-Mormon, I would imagine that you have told her nothing that she does not already know. Her refusal to see the fallacy of her actions is not based on ignorance, but on will. What part of Thou shalt not commit adultery do you think that she does not understand?
Following the ways of the world to live together in adultery “to see how it works” would probably get them both excommunicated from their churches, if they were practicing members. She believes that this young man loves her. WRONG!!! He loves only himself and his own avarice desires, and he is merely using her to get what he wants. A marriage based only on selfish lustful desire has little chance for success. But you tell her that, and she won’t believe it either.
There are a few things, however, that you can do. 1) You can love the child, and show that you accept her as a person, although you think that what she is doing is unconscionable. 2) You can fervently and seriously pray for her night and morning, asking for the intervention of the Father in turning her life around. And 3), you can faithfully live the commandments and joyfully participate in all the appropriate programs and activities of the Mormon Church to show her a living testimony of the value of the gospel in one’s life. She is as responsible for her own actions as you are for yours.

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