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Dear Gramps,

My family is sort of inactive. How can I help them?





Dear Julie,

When you speak of your family I assume that you’re talking about your parents and perhaps other family members. Let’s assume for the moment that you’re talking about your parents. Regardless of the reasons for their inactivity, it is almost always counterproductive to try to tell your parents what you think they should do. It is not the place of parents to take instruction from their children. The role, of course, is the other way around; children should listen to and be obedient to their parents.

There is, however, something that you can do that could have a powerful effect for good on your parents. If you were to attend church faithfully and live strictly in accordance with the doctrines and teachings of the Mormon Church, your parents would see how living the principles of Mormonism is a source of happiness, promotes clean moral principles and enjoins respect for parents. When they see the beneficial effects of the Mormon gospel in your life–how much the Mormon Church means to you and the joy and happiness and fulfilment that it brings to you, they may begin to realize that they could receive the same benefits through their own acceptance of gospel principles and participation in Mormon Church activities.

If you show your parents by your actions that you love them, that you honor and respect them and that you are obedient to their instructions and suggestions, you will preach a sermon to them more powerful than any that could be put in words.






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