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Dear Gramps,

I am having a hard time with a problem right now. When school was in session, I always talked to my friends for advice and support. My friends seem to understand my problems and offer me advice.

I don’t feel as comfortable talking to my parents because I am afraid that my parents won’t understand my feelings or say “oh, you shouldn’t feel like that.” I think that maybe my parents don’t know what we face in these latter days. Please help me. I talked to my bishop about my problem but he said that I could have a dad or mom interview or something. What should I do?





Dear Confused,

You think that your parents don’t know what young people face in these latter days, and you’re asking me?? I’m probably older than both of your parents put together. How will you know if your parents won’t be able to give you pertinent and appropriate advice it you don’t give them a chance? One thing about parents: although they may be from the lost (I mean “lost,” although you could use the word “last”) generation, nevertheless they love you, and any advice that they would give would be for your best welfare.

I’ve seen a few generations in my time, and from my perspective, they are not all that different. The concepts of good and evil have not changed, nor have the consequences of choosing good or evil changed. Your parents view these things from a perspective of experience that you don’t know anything about yet. When you get to be their age let me assure you that you will be profoundly embarrassed for ever having thought that they didn’t understand either you or your generation. You asked what you could do? My advice is to listen to your bishop and then listen to your parents.






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