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As I understand it, the Holy Ghost is spirit and can only be at one place at any given time. I know the Godhead are three personages and all are one in purpose. And I believe the Light of Christ can be as an influence to all throughout the history of man to teach right from wrong. The part that I am having a hard time grasping is that how can the Holy Ghost enter more than one individual at a time to bear witness of truth, and be the comforter or constant companion of more that one at a time.? I hope this doesn’t seem to be to crazy a question for you. Thank you for your time.




Dear Larry,

If you don’t have a problem with the light of Christ influencing all people, what is your problem with the Holy Ghost? When the Holy Ghost enters into a person, it is not as if the person’s own spirit were replaced by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, but that the influence of the Holy Ghost would be a constant companion to the person in accordance with the degree of his worthiness.

When you state that the Holy Ghost can be in only one place at any given time, you infer that time is a condition of eternity, which it is not. Time is a temporary restriction of vision placed upon mortals. When we regain our faculties after our mortal sojourn we will be able to understand the logic behind many of the scriptural utterances that we cannot now fully explain. Faith in the word of the Lord must be applied until we are endowed with the knowledge that we will undoubtedly acquire in our continued progression in the eternities.



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