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I have been approached by a investigator who wishes to know how we can justify the Trinity as three separate bodies instead of only one. The young lady in question cannot accept this, among some other points we believe. I used the scriptures that I could find both in the Bible as well as in the Book of Mormon but I did not succeed. I have since challenged her to meet the missionaries however I feel as if I have failed and wonder if you could give a better answer than I have.





I’m afraid you’ve come across a point of disagreement that is fundamental.  What I mean is that there really is no “why” behind it.  You either believe it or you don’t.  There is no “proving” anything about it from scriptures because words can easily be interpreted a million different ways.  You could just as easily ask her to prove from the Bible that they are NOT three separate and distinct persons.  And she wouldn’t be able to do that either because we know it’s simply how she interprets it.  But we interpret it differently.

This isn’t failure to “prove” anything.  It is admitting that we’re mortals.  Our abilities are limited.  You cannot force the Holy Ghost on someone.  They must open themselves up to Him.  It’s part of the agency of man (or woman in this case).

The whole problem with interpretation is why we have prophets.  That is why we depend on the Holy Ghost.  Those are the sources that help us interpret things properly.  But if she doesn’t believe our prophets, and she doesn’t have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she’s going to be at a disadvantage when learning about the things of God.  This is what is meant when we read;

These are they who are honorable men of the earth, who were blinded by the craftiness of men.


These are they who receive of his glory, but not of his fulness.  (D&C 76:75-76)

If she’s simply not open to it, I’m afraid she’s fallen into that trap.  You can love her and pray for her.  But you can’t convince anyone of a thing like this.  It must be revealed by the Holy Ghost.  And for that to happen, she has to be open to the idea.  From your description, she’s just not opening herself up to the idea.






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