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I know it’s not our place to judge others and that Sunday is our sign to the Lord, but my bishop and our bishopric (except me) watch sports on Sunday. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind this and it bothers me. How can I bring this up to them without getting a huge backlash?






You’re absolutely right.  It is not our place to judge.  So ordinarily I’d advise you to simply mind your own business.  But let me go a bit deeper today.

Are you motivated by a deep love and Godly concern for this man’s well-being and that of his family? Or are you just bothered by the inconsistency of a bishop who preaches keeping the Sabbath Day holy but then watches Sunday football games? Reading your question, I get the impression that you’re more bothered than spiritually moved. If I’m right, I suggest that fact alone answers your question.

You can bring it up, but you can’t avoid the backlash. When you start pointing out people’s actions and calling those actions into question, you open yourself up to backlash from them. it’s inescapable. You need to decide whether this is important enough to you to put your relationship with the rest of the bishopric on the line.

You’re not afraid of backlash?  Well, consider this.  If all the powers of the earth were combined to discover everything you did and then expose it all on social media, how would it look if you were condemning others for watching TV on Sunday?  Would you feel even a bit of shame?

If so, then consider the beam in your eye before complaining about others’ motes.

If not, then I’d advise you to repent of pride.  I guarantee that you’re doing at least ONE thing that is a more serious sin than “watching football on Sunday.”  As such, you should indeed feel some remorse over that before you go looking at the sins of others.

If I’m wrong, and your worst sin is less serious than watching Sunday football, then, Brother, you’re about to be translated.






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