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Is it ok to fish on Sunday, I really enjoy fishing but I am wondering if it’s appropriate for the sabbath.





Dear Dallin,

Fishing is certainly good, clean fun-it’s a moral hobby and a wonderful activity to partake in. There is nothing wrong with fishing and I want to stress that. Often times we can get swept up in work, school, and even church activities. We all need to understand that there is nothing wrong with engaging in a fun hobby that provides us with enjoyment and relaxation. Even the prophets and apostles have had hobbies like fishing and I can assure you they are very busy men with important things to do.

The Sabbath is a holy day designed for certain activities. We need to ask ourselves if we are trying to cherry pick what we can and can’t do or if we are really obeying what the prophets and and leaders of the church have told us.  Like I mentioned, I’m sure that many, many apostles and prophets have enjoyed fishing-but would they fish on the sabbath? Would they ignore their family and church responsibilities?  Probably not.

Of course the issue isn’t black and white. Prophets and apostles have told us that certain family activities are appropriate on the sabbath. Perhaps fishing with your family or friends would be different than fishing alone. It’s not so much the activity that is appropriate or not more than the situation and circumstances.

If fishing requires you to miss your Church meetings or prevents you from serving in your calling, then fishing is not appropriate for the Sabbath day.

I would also recommend a personal study of the scriptures, and teachings of modern prophets, related to the Sabbath; followed by pondering of how to best align one’s life with those teachings (which may or may not include an occasional family trip to the lake or river after Church).






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