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Hi Gramps,

I have no doubt God is a just God, so we will live in the kingdom of glory we deserve. I have read that if we compare mortal life with a drop of water then eternal life would be at least the entire ocean and that is not even close. So I am having trouble to understand how is it just or fair to determine our place in eternal life based in a test that lasts only a drop of water?





Hello Christian.

This is an excellent question: I will only take a few lines to answer it.

With our limited point of view of “eternity”, we can only see a small portion of the plan of salvation. Remember that this is the second state. The second state began at birth and it will end just before the final judgement. There is still a lot that has to happen between now and then. As important as mortality is, we must use each and every opportunity to grow. If our time, here is shortened, then there is more to do in the after life and during the millennium. When you use a drop of water as an example, it sure does look overwhelming. I suggest you just concentrate in the here and now and let the future take its course.






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