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Dear Gramps,

I am a new member of the Mormon Church and I have a question to ask. What does it mean when an elder writes his FIRST name and his last name? In one line? And also can a missionary fall in love with someone while on a mission? And can an elder tell this person that he/she likes that person while on a mission?





Dear Amanda,

Anything is possible. But let’s talk about what a missionary should and should not do, and how those who associate with missionaries are supposed to treat them. There is certainly nothing the matter with a missionary signing his full name to any letter or document. However, when addressing a missionary, one should always address him or her by the title of Elder or Sister. Familiarity is forbidden missionaries by the mission rules. When members treat the missionaries with undue familiarity, it may represent a severe temptation to some, and may impede the work of the Lord and, in some cases, cause embarrassment to the Church.

If a missionary develops a romantic relationship with anyone while on his mission he is generally given a dishonorable discharge and sent home. While on his mission, the missionary is expected to devote his full time and all his energies to promote the work of the Lord in bringing salvation to the lives of the honest in heart. To seek out those who would come to the Lord is one of the most important and meaningful tasks that any member of the Mormon Church can engage in. And those called specifically to this sacred service should be given every respect, support and encouragement that can be offered, and nothing should be done that would distract them in any way from their sacred calling.






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