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Dear Gramps

I know we are not supposed to get a tattoo. Know I think of new members, or members who returne to be active of The Church, and do have a tattoo. Is it possible to go to the tempel, worthy in every way, except for the tattoo ?


Dear Gerda,

When one applies to serve a mission, you are asked if you have  tattoo or not.  If the applicant has a tattoo, his application will be reviewed by a General Authority.  Some who have tattoos will be able to serve, but some will not be able to serve.  The following statement comes from the Liahona March 2006.  “For some missionaries, having a tattoo means being assigned to serve in a place where their tattoo is either culturally accepted or to a colder climate where long sleeves, and tights for women, will cover their tattoos. A tattoo can limit not only where you can serve, but, depending on its content and your feelings about it, it could also determine whether you can serve at all.”

Members are discouraged from getting a tattoo because we have been told that our body is a temple and should not be defiled in any way.  Having a tattoo will not keep someone from being baptized into the Church or returning to full activity.  Members with tattoo’s will also be able to receive a Temple recommend if they are worthy in every way.


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