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Dear Gramps,

I am currently waiting on a mission call but lately I feel the need to talk to my bishop about something that happened about 6 months back that I thought I had cleared up with my bishop. I think I might have said the wrong thing or worded what I did wrong. I’m scared I will be set back once I receive my call. What do you think will happen if I talk to him? Thanks.





Hello C,

Thank you for your question.  I’m sorry you are having a difficult time right now wrestling with this lingering doubt.

If this is something that is bothering you now, it will almost certainly follow you throughout your mission if left unresolved.
Meeting with our Priesthood leaders regarding repentance should be looked at as a blessing and an opportunity to help us remove spiritual burdens as we grow closer to the Savior. If you are continuing to feel a heavy weight regarding past actions, I would simply advise you to go meet with the Bishop and get this worked out. Your Bishop is your ally not your enemy. If after speaking with your Bishop, he determines that you need to wait a little longer to go on your mission, he would be giving you that advice under the direction of the Spirit for your benefit. This guidance would be to help you, not punish you. I would advise you not to unnecessarily enter the mission field carrying this baggage of doubt/regret as it will inevitably linger with you as you try to serve as a missionary.

If your words were poorly chosen when you met with him 6 months ago, simply go in and clarify things further and express your current concerns with him.

Unfortunately, as Bishops already know, it is not uncommon for individuals to confess to a lower class or watered down mistake rather than simply coming out with the ‘full’ truth. Our Father in Heaven already knows the full truth. Part of repentance is for us, as individuals, to fully confess/admit our actions so that we can receive the appropriate guidance to heal us. If an individual told their doctor their symptoms were less than they were, then the doctor might not give the patient the correct medicine to help make them better. If you are still feeling spiritually sick, visit with your Bishop again and express your continued concerns. Allow him to help you. Repentance works when we submit to the will of the Lord. Part of submitting our will is also submitting to the the medication required to properly heal us. If your Bishop decides the Lord wants you to wait a little longer, then that is what the Lord wants you to do. This is the required medicine you need. You will be a more effective and well prepared Missionary if you can go on your mission with a completely clear conscience and without the weight of this concern troubling you even further.

Please remember, your Bishop is on our side. Elder Henry B. Eyring said the following:

 Your bishop wants what’s best for you. He’s on an errand from the Lord to help you prepare for the blessings of priesthood service.

Just like your Bishop, The Lord is on your side. Our Father in Heaven is on your side. All are rooting for you. I’m rooting for you too.  Call your Ward Executive Secretary today and set up an appointment to go meet with your Bishop.



Whatever the outcome “C”, it will be for the best. Get this doubt resolved and then you can go serve your mission head held tall knowing you are right before the Lord.
Good luck and best wishes on your mission!

Warm Regards,






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