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I know that they say to avoid pornography, but they also say that the prophet does not go into a married couple’s bedroom. If a married couple enjoys it privately, is it wrong? If so, WHY? I need concrete reasons.

Anon, from Colorado

Dear Anon,

Pornography, whether indulged in by singles or by married people, is a very addictive and evil practice. It appeals to the base emotions, and degrades and blasphemes the sacred procreative functions. Because of that it should be avoided like the plague. To ‘enjoy’ base, evil and sacrilegious sexual stimulations ‘privately’ does nothing to ennoble them, but grossly degrades the moral stamina of the participants. The more you participate in the this pernicious practice, the more habit-forming it will become, and the less self control you will have. Your mind will be filled with lascivious thoughts, and will become the springboard for lascivious actions.

One of the practices of life is to gain control over the physical and carnal appetites, so that we are in command of ourselves, rather than becomes slaves of ourselves. Although they say that the prophet does not go into a married couple’s bedroom, that does not mean that what the prophet declares with respect to morality and character does not apply in any private sector. In fact, that is specifically where it does apply. Moral values are not voided by marriage, but that is where they are brought most into play. The relationship between husband and wife should be of the very highest moral character if the couple would have any hope for the great eternal blessings that are promised to the faithful who make and keep the sacred covenants of fidelity to one another.


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