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As a recent convert and YSA aged man, I want to go to the temple more. The thing is I kind of want to go by myself. Is it unusual to try and go by yourself without a family or group?





Hi Lee,

Thank you for your question. The simple answer is ‘no’, it is not unusual to go to the temple by yourself. Attending the temple is encouraged whether you are: by yourself, as a couple, with friends, with your family or together as a Church unit. Please go as often as you reasonable and don’t limit yourself to only YSA sponsored trips. You are the primary one responsible for your individual temple attendance. Unit sponsored trips to the temple should be viewed as secondary and simply as a way to encourage members to go the temple who might not otherwise go one their own, as well as build unity within your Ward or Branch. This applies regardless if you have a full or limited use temple recommend.  Enjoy the temple and the blessings found there Lee.

Regular temple attendance brings blessings. I encourage you to go ‘regularly’, as time permits and not let the schedules of others hold you back from going if you have desire to go more or on your own time frame.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said,

“I am satisfied that if our people would attend the temple more, there would be less of selfishness in their lives. There would be less of absence of love in their relationships. There would be more of fidelity on the part of husbands and wives. There would be more of love and peace and happiness in the homes of our people.”  Missionary Service. Activation, Temple work Emphasized in Conference Leadership Meeting

Warm Regards,






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