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Is the Holy Ghost a position that is filled and re-filled? I know the Holy Ghost must be a spirit so that He isn’t limited with a body but, if the Holy Ghost never has a body, He doesn’t have the experience necessary right? Christ had a body and was resurrected, and we’re taught that as we are, God once was. So, Heavenly Father has a body. Were also taught that part of Satan’s and the 1/3’s part punishment is not having a body. How does it work with the Holy Ghost? I mean no disrespect to the Godhead, just curious.





I believe a pertinent question to ask yourself regarding the position of the Holy Ghost being refilled is to ask if the role of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are refilled? The answer is an astounding “No.”

The Godhead represents three distinct individuals: God the Eternal Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is a spirit so that he may dwell within us. Two physical bodies cannot physically dwell within each other.

Yes, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have a body of flesh and bones as taught in scripture D&C 130: 22.

Satan and his followers have been punished due to their personal choice of rejecting and rebelling against God. As a result of their personal rebellion they are no longer able to receive a body of flesh and bones. The Holy Ghost has not rebelled, nor has he rejected the plan of salvation. The Holy Ghost’s waiting period is no different than those who have been born in different dispensations. All of God’s children have waited for a period of time to receive a mortal body. The Holy Ghost’s time will come, as with all others who have kept their first estate.




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