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Two questions arose during a Gospel Doctrine lesson recently. One is “When we read about the spirit world, where one goes after death, is it an actual place or merely a state of mind?”

The other is “We are told that worthy and righteous members of the church visit and teach non-members in the Spirit world. Are these people resurrected beings or those awaiting resurrection?” ┬áHope you can help. I love reading your answers!





Dear Sue,

We read in the Doctrine and Covenants that:

There is no such thing as immaterial matter. All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes;


We cannot see it; but when our bodies are purified we shall see that it is all matter (D&C 131:7-8).

Since spirit is a pure form of matter, it has a physical existence, and so takes up space, and is not just a state of mind. The spirit world is on this earth, and if our bodies [were] purified we would see that we are not alone, that the post-mortal spirits occupy the same general real estate that we do.

Among the righteous post-mortal spirits who are members of the kingdom of God are those that are sent to preach the gospel to those who have not heard it or who have not accepted it while in mortality. Much specific information in this regard is given in Doctrine & Covenants Section 138. If you examine that section I’m sure that it will provide answers to your questions and give much additional information about the state and condition of those who enter the spirit world at the end of their mortal probation.






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