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Dear Gramps,

Thank you for your informative answers. I really enjoy reading them. My questions are to settle a difference between my mother and I. It is my understanding that our Heavenly Father had many spirit children in the pre-existence, enough to fill worlds without number, and we held a Grand Counsel where we all voted to follow Jesus Christ and He would be our Savior. Then Christ descended below all things and came to atone for our sins on this world because it was the most wicked.

My mother suggested that “Mine Only Begotten Son” is a title that was given to Jehovah who was the Savior for these “Worlds without number” in which we live and a title given to other Saviors over previous “Worlds without number” which were created by our Father in Heaven.

So my question is, of all the “Worlds without number” that our Father in Heaven has created, were there ever others that were referred to as “Only Begotten Son” or was Jesus Christ the only “Only Begotten Son” to all the “Worlds without number” mentioned in the scriptures. Which brings me to my next question, is, does or will our Heavenly Father have more spirit children which will then need a Savior for them or is he just our Heavenly Father?

Thanks for taking the time to read and answer all of this. It will really clear up some differences.






Dear HH,

I agree with you. There is not one word in the scriptures that suggests that the Savior had other counterparts. The phrase “Only Begotten Son” means just what it says. There is no need to wrest the scriptures and try to conjure up other Saviors when there is no evidence of such and no need for such.

Concerning your second question, eternity is different from the temporal mortality in which we now live. In eternity there is no ending. The Father’s posterity will never cease, and the great atoning sacrifice of the Savior, infinite in its extent, is more than sufficient to pay the price of sin for all the Father’s children who have ever lived or who will ever live in mortality.






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