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I have had a few people ask the question, “How can your church continue to say you have a lay ministry when your general authorities receive a living allowance. ┬áIs this not considered pay?”





Dear Bob,

Certainly at least some of the General Authorities receive a compensation for their services, as may be needed to sustain themselves and their families. However, although it could be said that they are employed in the ministry, nevertheless, they are all administrators. The lay ministry of the Church consists of its bishops, stake presidents, mission presidents and all those who under their direction preach the gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof. None of them receive a salary for their services, and all service is provided on a voluntary basis.

Those who spend full time in the service of the Lord do receive a financial compensation. Otherwise they could not survive. As with essentially every company and corporation, specific salaries are not published. However, it is my understanding that the compensation received by the general authorities is essentially a living allowance.

To accuse the church of not having a lay ministry because of the few general administrators who receive a compensation is no more logical than to claim that the sectarian churches do have a lay ministry because there may be here and there an individual priest or pastor who donates his services to their church.




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