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I have a question, What is it about the LDS church that sends people into a dark rage when they talk about it? I don’t understand this reaction in people who claim to be followers of God. I have visited protestant churches with friends on several occasions, (who by the way will not go to church with me when I asked). Where the preachers actually get up and slam the LDS religion/beliefs to their congregation. It is so strange to me because our bishops and leaders don’t do this in the LDS church ”





Dear Tracie,

Human nature is fundamentally flawed. All of us from every denomination (and none at all) have often times said things that we shouldn’t have about people who do not share our own views. I am one hundred percent certain that it saddens our Heavenly Father that this happens. All of us who take on the name of a follower of Christ should be held to a higher standard, and should not be making any rude or disparaging comments about people of other faiths, Christian or not. We shouldn’t say rude or disparaging things about anyone else, of course. Before I answer your question, I want to make this perfectly clear: We should be in prayer for our brothers and sisters of other faiths, and none of us should be encouraging offensive or rude comments about anyone else.

People fear what they don’t understand, and most people are ignorant of the teachings of religions that they do not personally believe in. Ask yourself this-how much do you know about a religion that you do not practice? You mention that you have friends who attend protestant churches (and that’s a good thing, I applaud you for having friends that you don’t agree with on everything) and sometimes their leadership says things that are ignorant or borderline offensive about the LDS faith. I can’t read minds, but I doubt the minsters and leaders of those churches are lying to you or their congregation. They are simply ignorant of the teachings and practices of the LDS church and like I mentioned, they fear what they don’t understand or believe outright lies about the LDS church so therefore, they are preaching what they believe to be true even though you and I both know it’s not true.

The LDS church shares many beliefs in common with various other denominations, but we do have some beliefs that are not shared with mainstream Christianity. Sadly, those of other faiths tend to focus on what is different rather than what is commonly believed. The harshness of their views and speech might come from good intentions (after all, they believe they are correct as strongly as you or I believe we are correct) but for a believing LDS they can seem offensive and full of rage.

Unfortunately, this is the risk you accept when you attend a non-LDS church with friends. You can’t force a non-LDS preacher to behave in a certain way anymore than a non-LDS can force an LDS bishop to behave in a certain way. The sad truth about our human existence is that some people will believe and preach things that are not true nor what we personally believe in and there is little we can do.

My best recommendation is to gently correct errors when that seems like it will be well received by your friends, and be a good example of Christ, so that others are drawn to him through you.  Over time, you may change a person’s opinion of the Church, but if not, at least you have done your best to be an example of Christ.






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