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My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We are active members & served missions. My husband has recently struggled with the use of marijuana.  As a teen, he smoked marijuana consistently but he stopped, went on a mission and moved on. After he lost his job and our house he started smoking again. His ideas are:

  • ¬†Marijuana is an herb from the earth.
  • It’s not specifically prohibited in the Word of Wisdom as “tobacco” is
  • Marijuana its better than tobacco anyway
  • Use of anything in moderation is ok
  • There are overweight people on the church that have very obvious addictions to food and they’re permitted to go to the temple why wouldn’t I be?
  • Marijuana relaxes the mind and doesn’t cause impairment of judgment.

I stand strong on my conviction that marijuana is harmful for the mind, the body and is prohibited on the scriptures. I don not agree with him using it. What do you think?


Dear Angelica,

It can be a very sad thing when someone we care about chooses to sin. And it is a natural reaction of many sinners to try to justify why their sin ‘isn’t so bad.’ I sympathize and support you in your stance.

Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug by the FDA. Meaning it is totally mormon-doctrine and covenantsIllegal. There is a strong push to move it to a Schedule 2 or lower. This can be seen in the various state level of voter approved medical Marijuana laws. But even those require a valid medical reason and Doctor approval. Which is sounds like your husband does not have.

This means he is breaking the law of the land as well as the Word of Wisdom.

I am not going to break down his points, because I have no desire to feed his attempts to justify himself. On the subject of the Word of Wisdom the general authorities have clearly stated that drug use with out medical reason is a violation. And at it’s best case Marijuana a drug that requires professional medical dispensing.


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