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Over the last several of years I have had a few friends take, what they think is, the easy way out. This is devastating for all those left behind. A few have them are members, some not. Most of them I served with in the military and had a great deal of pain and anguish from deployments. Mental and physical wounds were severe. While others are just cursed with a mind that has turned against them in one form or another. I too suffer. What are the Lord’s and the Church’s views on suicide?






I’m sorry that you have lost friends to suicide.  Yes, it is devastating for those left behind, enough so to cause PTSD in some. I have also heard of loved ones of people who commit suicide taking their own lives. It’s always hard to lose a loved one to death, but even more tragic when the cause is suicide.

I would caution you though not to judge that they were taking what they saw as “the easy way out”.  Unless we have been suicidal we can’t know what that feels like, and even if we have–each person is different.  The church leaders have said: Although it is wrong to take one’s own life, a person who commits suicide may not be responsible for his or her acts. Only God can judge such a matter.


I have spoken with a few people who have been suicidal, and a few who have attempted suicide.  A common theme that arises is the irrationality of their thinking processes during those moments.  I truly do not think most people who come to that point are in a rational state of mind, and this may be why our leaders have said they “may not be responsible”.

You mentioned that you suffer as well.  I hope that you have loving and understanding family members, friends and a supportive Bishop. If thoughts of suicide come to your mind, please talk to someone right away. The National Suicide Hotline phone number is 1-800-273-8255.

Another common theme I find in talking to people that have contemplated suicide is that things do get better and they are all grateful they didn’t follow through on those thoughts.  Through Jesus Christ there is always hope, even when we can’t see any way things could improve.  Keep your hope in Christ, Bradley.  I am sorry for your pain.






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