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Dear Gramps,

I spent some time reading messages on this website trying to find answer on my problem and I wasn’t able to do so. Maybe that is because of complexity of my problem, and yet again, maybe my problem has no solution. I was exposed to LDS teachings for quite some time, and the Truth has been revealed to me. The problem is that I simply do not┬ábelieve in it, nor I can make myself to believe in it. I have tried everything, but it doesn’t work. I am very depressed these days and I’m considering getting a shrink just for this matter. What should I do? Please help.




If I have understood you correctly, you are experiencing the effects of doubt although you have expressed, “the Truth has been revealed to me.” It appears, to me, your situation is similar to a friend telling you a “truth,” the truth is confirmed, and yet for some reason you still don’t want to accept it, i.e. “Charlie the grass is green; although, the grass is actually a combination of colors, yellow and blue.” Charlie responds, “Correct, green is the combination of yellow and blue, confirmed — but I don’t believe it.” Confused?

If the truth has been revealed, then live it. Our personal belief will evolve and eventually accept the revealed truth as we actively participate in what has been revealed. Other members of the Church experience similar conflicts, and without these conflicts our testimony is unable to grow. Live what has been revealed.



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