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How much meat is sparingly?  D&C 89:6-7 talks of eating meat sparingly.  Is it okay if it is every other day?





Dear David,

The Lord has not seen fit to define that more completely for us, so it is up to each individual to get personal revelation on. If you ask this question in LDS circles on social media, you are sure to get a variety of answers. For some sparingly might mean once a day (some people have meat with every meal). Others feel that sparingly means like a spare tire on a car, you use it only in emergencies and then only until you can get the tire fixed.

In cases like this, where it’s not clear and interpretations vary widely, I am grateful that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts. He will know that we really tried, even if we–at times–are wrong or weak. So ask him, and then accept the answer as personal revelation for YOU, not for the church. It’s the prophet’s job to give revelation for the church, not ours. That is my way of saying, yes, I have an opinion on this, but it’s not my place to proclaim my personal revelation to be the Lord’s will for all.






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