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Dear Gramps,
I grew up going to Christian schools(Church of God and Catholic)and I attended Church of God and Baptist churches so I have always had some type of religion in my life. I believe in God and I pray everyday. I have not attended church in many years and lately I have really felt the calling to go to church. I am not sure what kind church to attend so I have been praying and asking God to show me where he wants me to be, and every time I pray the ladies from the local Mormon Church in my town show up at my house to invite me to church and to have a bible study. I love it when they come and I want so badly to attend their church but my problem is when I was younger I really went astray (drugs drinking and tattoos). I no longer drink or do drugs and I have not for a long time and I know in my heart that I will not do it again, but my tattoos are a reminder of my past and I can’t afford to have them removed. So I am afraid I would be looked down upon or not accepted at the church. And also my husband who is a good man and takes good care of his family has never had any type of religion in his life other than what I have told him has no desire to attend church.(I pray for him everyday to want to get to know the Lord as I do) Would I still be accepted without him attending?
Gina, from Shalersville, Ohio
Dear Gina,
You must know that the visits from the ladies of the Mormon Church is indeed an answer to your prayers. Would God invite and encourage you to attend His Church, if the members wouldn’t let you in, or would look down on you because of your appearance? If your tattoos are not now becoming to you, I imagine that they could mostly, if not entirely, be covered by discreet clothing. The Mormon temples are actually the most sacred places on earth. The temple is the Lord’s house, where He dwells when He comes to visit the earth. When we enter the temples His presence is palpably there. Yet, after becoming a member of the Mormon Church, if you wished to attend the temple, you would be accepted there in spite of your tattoos.
Concerning your husband, there would certainly be nothing in his philosophy or character that could keep you away from the Church. If you were to attend the Mormon Church and your husband saw what joy and happiness your affiliation brought to you, he would very likely become interested in attending also.

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