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I have aways understood that when you were given a calling in the Church that you were to be set apart, and the next question is when a ward is changed to another ward and you have the same calling that you do not have to have a vote of thanks and then be sustained and set apart again for the same calling. Would like to know how the church stands on this.

Lawrence, from Utah

Dear Lawrence,

The Stake President is the President of the Church in his Stake. When wards are divided, they are always divided under the direction of the Stake Presidency, after receiving approval from the General Authorities of the Church.

When ward divisions take place, the new ward may have a new name, possibly a new bishop and other officers. Some of the callings are as counselors to, quorum or auxilliary leaders or presidents.. If the leader or president is changed, his counselors are automatically released, and may be called and set apart to the same position as counselors to the new replacement.

If there has been no change in the organization, and let’s say no change in the name of the ward, and a priesthood or auxilliary staff member was not changed, normally he would not be re-sustained and set apart to the same position. But this procedure is entirely up to the Stake President and the bishop of the ward. So I wouldn’t worry about it. It would never hurt to receive anew the blessing that normally accompanies a setting apart.


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