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How should we respond to an atheist who insults religion and the moral standards of God?






The best way to respond against revilers is usually the same way Jesus responded to the corrupt King Herod, who questioned Him in hopes of seeing some miracle. Luke 23:9 tells us:

Then he questioned with him in many words; but he [Jesus] answered him [Herod] nothing.

This was the same response given by Alma and Amulek to their insincere tormentors:

…they answered them nothing.

Silence is often the appropriate answer to revilers and the insincere.

On the other hand, those who sincerely seek should always be given a response, even if their questions aren’t very well-phrased and come across as ignorant or insulting. In such a case, a brief answer is often the best. If they are seeking the truth, they will ask for more.

There may also be times when someone is insulting religion and morality in front of a group, and the group needs to hear a defense of the truth. In such cases, I would use the same general format: Give concise, clear responses, and do not engage in arguing or “bashing”. Those who have spiritual ears to hear will hear the sincerity of your words and the Spirit that carries them into the heart. If there is contention, that Spirit will not be present, and your words will likely be wasted.






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