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I have recently been called to be the Young Women’s Beehive president but I am only 12. I don’t really know how I am supposed to call for counselors and what my responsibilities are or what I have to do. I am stressed and I really don’t want to fail.  So what are my responsibilities as president and how do I call for counselors?






Congratulations on your new calling.  What an exciting time for you.  I absolutely love when I receive questions from our youth.  I understand your concern as to what your responsibilities are.  I commend you for asking, as I’m sure you want to do everything you need to do to magnify your calling.

According to the Church Handbook of Instruction it states the following responsibilities:

They watch over and fellowship class members, especially those who are new members or less active and those who have disabilities or other special needs. They pray for them, spend time with them, and become genuine friends.

They help class members establish close friendships, learn leadership skills, and live the gospel.

They help each young woman know that she is welcome when she becomes a member of their class.

They support class members’ efforts in the Personal Progress program.

They hold regular class presidency meetings.

They conduct the Sunday meetings for their classes.

They help plan activities, including Mutual.

The class presidents serve on the bishopric youth committee.

Now keep in mind that each ward or branch has their own unique issues and circumstances that might also be considered.  I recommend that you work closely with your Young Women adviser assigned to the Beehive class (if you have one) or your Young Women Presidency.  They will help to guide you and direct you as well.

As far as calling counselors, pray to Heavenly Father to help with this.  Follow your instinct on this.  Many times callings are given not because that person is the best qualified but sometimes because the calling will help to strengthen them as well.

Good luck with your new calling.  You will do great I’m sure.





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