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I’m 14 years old. I guess I was never really taught that pornography was bad, cause I have always wanted to view it. But now that I have been for about a year… I know it as to stop, and I’d rather cut it off at an early age than have to deal with it after who knows how long. But with COVID-19 going on, the MASSIVE stress I’m dealing with for online school, and my anxiety, I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it. I need some reassuring advice that only a grandfather can give.





Dear Aether,

I am extremely concerned for you. It greatly troubles me that a 14-year-old young man would resort to pornography usage to deal with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life. Understand that you are in very serious spiritual danger. Please talk to your father. That’s what we fathers are here for. We love our children and we want to help and defend them, even if sometimes we’re defending them from themselves.┬áIf you can’t talk to your dad, talk to your bishop.

You signed your question “Aether”. This is bitterly appropriate, because your consumption of pornography is literally rewiring your brain to respond to such images as if they were an anesthetic of sorts. Please believe me, you do not want your brain messed with in that way. I speak to you as if you were my grandson, with the same sincerity of heart. Please talk to your father (or your bishop) today. And please write back to me after you’ve talked with him (or them) and let me know you’ve started down that path. I will thank my Father above for that.

Here is an excellent video for you to watch that I’ve shown to my own grandchildren:










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