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When a Bishop has listened to rumors that are very serious and accepted them as truth but I know better, what course of action should I pursue? We have tried to talk to him but he will not listen. What should we do? It is destroying a young man’s reputation.




The first course of action would be to set an appointment up with your bishop to discuss the reasons, the facts, as to why you know what has been accepted by him are rumors (obviously from your question you have pursued the first course of action).

Now, you are experiencing discomfort because the bishop has not accepted your testimony and witness with regard to this young man. When this happens, members are able to set an appointment up with their stake president, or one of his counselors. This will allow you to present the same case to your stake president. Word of caution, when presenting your facts remember to remain sober, and without being overly emotional, or overly-zealous for this young man.

What happens then, should the stake president do nothing about the situation between the bishop and this young man? What happens if the stake president assumes the role of trusting the bishop despite your witness and testimony? What is your next step?

The next step is that we turn it over to the Lord and allow the Lord to work his grace, mercy, and justice. This is very difficult, you feel the boy is innocent, and you feel you know they are rumors and not true, however what if they aren’t rumors? How do you know they aren’t rumors? Why should the bishop believe you over another person’s witness?

I present these questions, so that you also don’t find yourself kicking against the pricks. When the stake president and bishop have heard your witness, then you have done all that you can for this young man. Now, leave it up to the Lord, don’t allow yourself — no matter how difficult — to get overly involved that the bishop’s decision removes you from the grace of God either.

Continue to serve faithfully. Continue to have hope.



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