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Did we have any say in what kind of circumstances we would be born into on this Earth in the premortal life? Seems unfair to me if it wasn’t that way.





Dear Sojourner,

First, let me say categorically that we don’t know the answer to this. So any answer I gave would be nothing but speculative.

Second, I have to ask. Why would it seem unfair? Is not the purpose of this life to bring us back to Heavenly Father, and to inherit all He has, and to dwell with Him forever in eternal glory?  If that is the purpose, and we trust that God is no respecter of persons (meaning that we all have the same chance for this glory), then can we not also trust that our circumstances in life are in our best interests, that God would not have put us into an unjust state? Would it not be distinctly unfair of God to allow us to have a say in our circumstances that then jeopardized our potential to choose, to grow, and to ultimately become that which we could have had we only trusted Him?

I don’t know that it’s valid to consider fairness based on our extremely limited mortal perceptions. When we look back on our lives in the end of days, I suspect that many of the things we thought were our greatest curses will turn out to have been our greatest blessings.






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