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In “Miracle of Forgiveness” a story of an early church member riding on horseback to church encounters an individual who meets the description of Cain the son of Adam and Bigfoot. Can you shed any light or thoughts on this?¬† Thanks in advance.





The information provided in “The Miracle of Forgiveness,” by Spender W. Kimball relates the story from an account of David W. Patten.

As David W. Patten was riding a horse a strange man approached him, who was even with his shoulders while on horseback. The man was naked, hairy, and whose  skin was very dark. A short dialogue was entered into with this man who then said something to the nature of, he could not die, though he sought death and that his efforts were to destroy the souls of men. David W. Patten then rebuked him in the name of Christ and the individual immediately departed.

From the record it is understood that this man was Cain. Unfortunately, I am not able to enlighten anybody any further on this subject, except even Spencer W. Kimball begins this section by saying, “an interesting story comes to us…”

I personally feel it would have been nice to hear this story from David W. Patten himself, however it is our lot to receive a second hand witness as given by Lycurgus A. Wilson’s book on the life of David W. Patten.

In light of these words, please note, that neither Elder Patten’s story, nor Elder Kimball’s story mention anything regarding Bigfoot.





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