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I just came back from a meeting with a member of the stake presidency to renew my temple recommend. We chatted for a minute or two, just small talk. He then said to me, “I presume that your bishop did a thorough interview with you?” I replied Yes. He then asked, “Have any of your answers changed to the questions he asked you?” I said, “No”. And then the brother preceded to sign my recommend without conducting the actual interview with questions himself. I looked in the church handbook when I came home but did not find an answer to my question, Is this okay for a member of the Stake Presidency to not ask the list of questions (or any for that matter) for a temple recommend? I have never had this experience and it struck my husband and I as unusual and has made me a bit uncomfortable.






I can understand your position. I can also see the other side as well. From your description, though, I don’t see a serious problem. I’ve had a stake president do the same thing with me, and I felt that as long as I could answer honestly that I was still worthy, the process itself is just details.

If you would prefer having the full interview, you can always request that it be done, and I think it’s a fine option to use in your case.

The thing is there’s a good chance this man was a bishop before being in the stake presidency, and no doubt he’s got the entire interview memorized from before the conclusion of his first year as a bishop. It may be that he knows your bishop to be a thourough and spiritual man and that he trusts his judgement. All he needs to do from that point is to make sure you feel comfortable saying you are worthy. If the bishop feels you’re worthy, and you feel your worthy, that may have been enough for him to have the spirit confirm that you are indeed worthy.






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